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lectures for students

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(Czech Republic)  

The master course will be held in English.


Music Composition and Improvisation

Service Description:

Symphony of art 2022 – Masterclass CZ


Masterclass title:

music Composition and Improvisation.


Date and time:

5 – 9 September 2022, morning and afternoon hours confirmed by lecturer the date can be changed, adapted to the lecturer, it does not have to be in these dates.


Short description of the course:

preliminary, 1st course day includes registration of the participants, they obtain a detailed time schedule.



DK Ružinov, Ružinovská 28, 82109 Bratislava.


Active participation:

maximum 6.


Passive participation:

up to the capacity of the room, max 6 – not for the individual lessons.


Criteria for active participation:

students of composition at conservatories and academies.


Lecturer's CV:

Ivo Medek (Czech Republic)

Professor of composition and theory of composition at the Janacek Academy in Brno, 2020 - 2018 working as the dean and later the rector/president. In 1990 and 94 member of the Composers Forum of the Darmstadt Summer  Courses, also teaching and making masterclasses at various institutions – mostly academies – in Portugal, Poland, Germany, Spain, Holland, several American universities, Austria, the Ukraine, Thailand, Korea, China, etc.

His works (7 operas, symphonic pieces, multimedial projects,...) have been performed by such soloists and ensembles as ensemble récherche Freiburg, Carin Lévine, Daniel Kienzy, Carmina Escobar, Gareth Davis, Pascal Gallois, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, PluralEnsemble Madrid, Israel Contemporary Players Tel Aviv, UME duo, Zeitgeist Ensemble  and various symphonic orchestras among others at various venues as Warsaw Autumn, Wiener Festwochen, Audio-Art, Ad libitum, Darmstadt Summer Courses, Moscow Autumn , Prague Spring Festival, Shanghai New Music Week, ISCM World New Music,  etc.. He received the Alypios Fund grant in Munich, the Annual Prize of the Czech Music Fund and has won other prizes in national and international competitions.

Medek is the director of the international music festival "Meetings of New Music Plus" in Brno and International Composition and Percussion Courses in Trstenice. He is the widely published author (four books and many articles) too. 

Workshop subjects: analysis of his own works, general compositional principles, improv workshop, composition of miniatures for unusual instruments by participants, among others.

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