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DUCHOŇ & Gyimesi/Csino/Tóbisz/Rajniš
DUCHOŇ & Gyimesi/Csino/Tóbisz/Rajniš

Sun, 03 Sept


Pradiareň 1900 square

DUCHOŇ & Gyimesi/Csino/Tóbisz/Rajniš

symphonic concert


03 Sept 2023, 19:00

Pradiareň 1900 square, Páričkova street, Bratislava




This concert gets inspired by the famous musical „Na srdci mi hraj! “ (Play my Heart!), which has been seen by more than 10,000 visitors since November. Two singers and at the same time protagonists of the musical Martin Gyimesi and Karol Csino will sing well known hits. They will and add few surprises and share the performance with other two singers Jiři Rajniš and Titusz Tóbisz. This is going to be an evening filled with the great hits of famous Slovak singer Karol Duchoň as never experienced before. A grandiose symphonic arrangement by composer Ľubica Čekovská accompanied by a symphony orchestra.



Martin Gyimesi, Karol Csino, Titusz Tóbisz, Jiři Rajniš




Dress code:



Taking into regard the character of the event, the organizer reserves the right to refuse the entry in case of inappropriate clothing. No entrance is allowed as of the concert starts.


In case of inclement weather occurring after the start of the concert, the entrance fee cannot be refunded.


Festival discount:

1. 20% discount on all tickets purchased before and on 31.7.2023.


2. 25% discount for pensioners, disabled persons, students and teachers – applicable only for sectors 1, 2, 3 and 4. If you use this discount, you agree the organizer can check the relevant document upon entry.


3. Quantity festival discount - 25% discount when purchasing 5 tickets (combination of different concerts is possible), 35% discount when purchasing 10 tickets. For larger quantities, contact


4. Discount for residents of Ružinov 50% - if you use this discount, you agree the organizer can check your identity card upon entry. The discount only applies for sectors. The discount must be applied in the basket after selecting tickets at full price. Only for sectors 1, 2, 3 and 4.


The event is brought to you by the Bratislava-Ružinov district.


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