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Dear festival visitors, we would like you to takeaway for the festival only the beautiful experience and enthusiastic emotions. We would like the festival to be an ode to nobility and elegance that you will not experience in other types of art events. Enjoy the festival to full and let us to provide you with more detailed information to make it pass flawlessly.



A festival is an ode. The concerts are considered as festive events and therefore, we should express our respect to the event and the artists by proper clothing.

  • Unless otherwise stated, the dress code of the festival is FORMAL, of course depending on the weather

  • Organizer reserves the right not to allow entry to the event in case of inappropriate clothing

  • In case of bad weather, we provide blankets and raincoats for your use


  • We recommend that you use taxi or public transport; in case you drive your own car, the parking is possible for charge at the park zones of Nivy city district, Apollo hotel park area or Nivy Shopping Mall parking

  • We do recommend you to arrive 30 minutes prior to event start to avoid a long wait

  • In case of later arrival - after the start of the event, you will be seated during the applause to the available seats so to avoid disturbance of other visitors

  • When applying the fee discount, we may ask you to present a valid identity card or other relevant document



  • out of respect for the artists and other visitors, please avoid of all disturbing sounds such as ringing phones, rustling, talking, whispering, etc.

  • during the concert it is not allowed to take photos and make sound or audio recordings since they may be disturbing for the artists - enjoy the experience of live concert

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