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 “Our wish is this festival celebrates art again; evolves emotions in every person without distinction; brings the artwork from large concert halls, theaters and exhibition halls closer to people; gives us the chance to relish freedom that all kinds of art bring. This is what happens nowhere as significantly as in art. If the art becomes silent, there will be no self-criticism, no communication and no new perspectives. Support the art with your presence, because art shall remain untouchable”.


Andrea Kozáková

director and founder of the festival


  • bring you all an equal access to high-value art of various genres

  • eliminate the „elite„ principle of art so that the access to art is not a privilege of the "rich"

  • support the artistic scene, make art available to the general public for free or for an affordable price

  • support cross-border and European cultural dialogue and cultural diversity

  • give space to artists who are seriously interested in improving their knowledge and practical experience

  • in cooperation with our partners continuously support the education in the artistic field within the courses led by

  • renowned lecturers of world importance

  • support, map and present young talents and new creators and performers in classical music and thus support cross-

  • border cultural dialogue and promote cultural diversity

  • cultivate a bond to art and point out the need of the existence of art in the life and society

  • support the integration of socially disadvantaged groups, disabled individuals, national minorities through art

  • point out the artistic and cultural difference and connection of different cultures and nations

When we started to talk about organizing Symphony of Art festival in Ružinov district for the first time I would never had a dream of that enormous public interest in it. It was the evidence the idea of ​​connecting genres and unique ensembles can bring art closer to people. The past two years have brought a number of exceptional events and Slovak legends, as well as world-renowned artists. Art belongs to Ružinov district and that's why I'm very glad that soon we can all look forward to the third year of this beautiful festival."


Martin Chren

Mayor city district Ružinov

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